New book: Locative Social Media: Place in the Digital Age by Leighton Evans

locative social mediaLeighton Evans‘ first book – Locative Social Media: Place in the Digital Age – has just been published by Palgrave.  A great achievement and a very useful addition to the literature, combining theoretical rigour with rich empirical material.  The back cover blurb runs thus:

Locative Social Media offers a critical analysis of the effect of using locative social media on the perceptions and phenomenal experience of lived in spaces and places. It includes a comprehensive overview of the historical development of traditional mapping and global positioning technology to smartphone-based application services that incorporate social networking features as a series of modes of understanding place. Drawing on users accounts of the location-based social network Foursquare, a digital post-phenomenology of place is developed to explain how place is mediated in the digital age. This draws upon both the phenomenology of Martin Heidegger and post-phenomenology to encompass the materiality and computationality of the smartphone. The functioning and surfacing of place by the device and application, along with the orientation of the user, allows for a particular experiencing of place when using locative social media termed attunement, in contrast to an instrumentalist conception of place.

Copies can be ordered from Palgrave, Amazon and all other book retailers.

Many congrats, Leighton.  Hopefully the first of many books.  Details on book launch to follow.


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