Caspar Menkman

Position: Doctoral Researcher
Twitter: @cdmenkman

Caspar Menkman is a research student connected to the Programmable City project at NIRSA, Maynooth University. His study unpacks the consequences of a transition towards coded, data driven infrastructures with an emphasis on the integration of smart electricity distribution grids. Smart grids extend organisational practices like the continuous and automatic exchange of information to the residential level. The algorithmic management of electricity flows introduces new populations to the infrastructure along with new forms of organisation and new potential behaviours. Before joining the Programmable City project Caspar finished a BA in Mediastudies from the University of Amsterdam and an MSc in Urban Strategies and Design from the University of Edinburgh, for which he was awarded a distinction. Other research interests include individual sovereignty, technology and secondary agency, automation, non-human epistemologies and ethologies, and the financialization of the everyday.