Mastodon geographers

Since the regime change at Twitter there’s been a steady of stream of folks trying out Mastodon as an alternative. Mastodon is Twitter-like but is also very much its own platform, consisting of a federation of interlinked ‘instances’. As a newbie you select and join an ‘instance’, which makes a difference as to what posts (‘toots’) are viewed (there are 3 levels of viewing posts: home, posts by people you follow; local, posts by people in your instance; federated, posts from across the whole network that have link with your instance). Toots appear in chronological order rather than being sorted by algorithm. The instance someone belongs to is identifiable by their username and address (in my case See the Mastodon quick set guide for more info.

Within a couple of days of setting up I was following a couple of hundred folks and had a similar number of followers, many of whom I knew from Twitter. Quite a few of these are geographers, though I’m sure there are many more than this list, which is designed to help folk find each other and start conversations. You can also do that by joining the group and tag your posts with group handle to share there. Also tag your posts with the #geography hashtag. My top tip: having a bio and posting builds your community.

The list is replicated at maintained by and This version allows bulk selection of who to follow (with instructions). To be added to the list ask by tagging me in a post or by following.

Kate Derickson,,
Pat Noxolo,,
Louise Amoore,,
Reece Jones,,
Stuart Elden,,
Alison Stenning,,
Juliet Fall,,
Rob Kitchin,,
Stefan Bloch,,
Austin Kocher,,
Miles Kenney-Lazar,,
Luna Vives,,
Adele Garnier,,
Simon Bunchuay-Peth,,
Alida Cantor,,
John P. Casellas Connors,,
Christoph Schimmel,,
Louisa Holmes,,
Andre Ourednik,,
Taylor Shelton,,
Matt Zook,,
Lisa Brawley,,
Elora Raymond,,
Hamish Kallin,,
Dean Hardy,,
Yu-Shan Tseng,,
Romain Garcier,,
Sara Fregonese,,
James Tyner,,
Mark Dover,,
Aria Ritz Finkelstein,,
Shuwen Zhou,,
Joe Pierce,,
Samantha Day,,
Henning Fuller,,,
Sango Mahanty,,
Altha Cravey,,
Chloe Lucas,,
Jeremy Crampton,,
Jago Dodson,,
Henrikki Tenkanen,,
Ari Kerrems,,
Sue Roberts,,
Timothy Monteath,,
Kate B Schlott,,
Kori Maleski,,
Marion Werner,,
Ari Jerrems,,
Tatu Leppamaki,,
Adam Moore,,
Morten Frisch,,
Michael Bacon,
Urska Demsar,,
Andrew Leyshon,,
Jessi Breen,,
Valentina Erminia Albanese,,
Christoph Fink,,
Wolfgang Cramer,,
Olivier Leroy,,
Mark Graham,,
Martin Loidl,,
Pierre-Amiel Giraud,,
Yingjie Hu,,
Timothy Monteath,,
Julia Affolderbach,,
Tuomas Väisänen,,
Jakob Miksch,,
Martin Tomko,,
Maximilian Hepach,,
Dave Smith,,
Laurent Jegou,,
Sven Daniel Wolfe,,
Carl Jan,,
Jorge Sanz,,
Michal Rzeszewski,,
Ulf Strohmayer,,
Josh Inwood,,
Wendy Jepson,,
Jen Mapes,,
Tricia Wood,,
Thilo Wiertz,,
Chris Brunsdon,,
Ed Carr,,
Julien Migozzi,,
Ayona Datta,,
Eric Nost,,
Steph Coen,,
Alex Monea,,
Thibault Le Corre,,
Catherine Oliver,,
Boris Michel,,
Henning Fueller,,
Frank Ostermann,,
Katherine Brickell,,
Julian Brigstocke,,
Michiel van Meeteren,,
Reijer Hendrikse,,
Catriona Gold,,
Peter Hopkins,,
Tyler Blackman,,
Ifigeneia Dimitrakou,,
Ruth McManus,,
Donna Houston,,
Nate F,,
Rachel Franklin,,
Rich Harris,,
Joana Barros,,
Franziska Sielker,,
Dorothea Kleine,,
Madeleine Hamlin,,
Debbie Hopkins,,
Kärg Kama,,
Maximilian Hepach,,
Adam Packer,,
Gary Robinson,,
Vincent Guermond,,
Tuuli Toivonen,,
Anna Butzin,,
Iain Soutar,,
Antoine Peris,,
Stefano De Sabbata,,
Cait Robinson,,
Lucas Pohl,,
Katharine Willis,,
John Connolly,,
Harald Sterly,,
Maria Abreu,,
Paul Munro,,
Joni Vainikka,,
Nat Osborne,,
AJ Wray,,
Megahn Cope,,
Teaniel Mifsud,,
Amelia Hine,,
Geoffrey Caruso,,
Oli Mould,,
Jérémy Garniaux,,
Trevor Paglen,,
Ben Spigel,,
Gwilym Eades,,
Jon Reades,,
Scott Hosking,,
Dani Arribas-Bel,,
Adam Dennett,,
Francisco Rowe,,
Christophe Neff,,
Rafael Pereira,,
Amber Bosse,,
Kavita Ramakrishnan,,
Daniel Mullis,,
Sarah Woodgate,,
Ian Turton,,
Julian Brigstocke,,
Johannes Scholz,,
Steve Brumby,,
Brad Weed,,
Darrell Carvalho,,
Carwyn Morris,,
Gideon Tups,,
Kate Lowe,,
David Manley,,
Justin Poncet,,
Julien Godin,,
Patrick Meyfroidt,,
Steve Easterbrook,,
Constance Carr,,
Daniel Cockayne,,
Adam Ramadan,,
Pete Scarth,,
Rob Shaw,,
Yann Calbérac,,
Miriam Tedeschi,,
Matthew Thompson,,
Sebastian Rey-Coyrehourcq,,
Keiko Nomura,,
KM Owota,,
Barbara Brayshay,,
Giovanna Gioli,,
Jerry Shannon,,
Gordon Kennedy,,
Anita Graser,,
Alexandra Nozik,,
Mattia Bunel,,
Jasper Montana,,
Josh Cousins,,
Emory Shaw,,
John Garver,,
Peter Johnson,,
Eric Robsky Huntley,,
Françoise Bahoken,,
Pierre-Olivier Mazagol,,
Tessa Hill,,
Joe Painter,,
Erki Saluveer,,
Richard Kingston,,
Narcélio de Sá,,
Sarah Bell,,
Paul Norman,,
Benjamin Hennig,,
Alessia Calafiore,,
Tuomas Väisänen,,
Andrew Crooks,,
Phil Bartie,,
David Parr,,
João Porto de Albuquerque,,
Sarah Barns,,
Jeff Whyte,,
Dan Olner,,
Timur Jack-Kadioglu,,
Oleksandr Karasov,,
David Harvey,,
Sarah Klosterkamp,,
JW Grade,,
Cressica Brazier,,
Phil Jones,,
Mattias De Backer,,
Ajay Bailey,,
Kevin Credit,,
Johanna L. Waters,,
Cristina Temenos,,
Scott Robeson,,
Peggy March,,
Adam Mathews,,
Amber J. Bosse,,
Louise Crewe,,
Dan Immergluck,,
Diana Ojeda,,
Maxime Chervaux,,
Age Poom,,
Jon Cinnamon,,
Rebecca Clements,,
Kaya Tatjana Barry,,
Xavier Roijals Lara,,
Manuel Portela,,
Nika Shilobod,,
Kieran Cutting,
William Kutz,,
Gail Davies,,
Markus Neteler,,
Miguel Sevilla-Callejo,,
Jared Margulies,,
Nikolai A. Alvarado,,
Suze Hocknell,,
Devika Prakash,,
Mark Boyle,,
Salma Loudiyi,,
Elliot Hartley,,
Igor Calzada,,
Bertie Russell,,
Jamie L. Jones,,
David Abernathy,,
Jonathan Pacheco Bell,,
Dallas Rogers,,
Erika Gubrium,,
Matt Benwell,,
Ulrich Best,,
Mark Green,,
Onur Tumturk,,
Jussi Mäkinen,,
Stephen Minch,,
Jason Dittmer,,
Agnieszka Leszczynski,,
Camilla Chlebna,,
Nicolas Lebrun,,
Pip Thornton,,
Matt Wilson,,
Emeline Comby,,
Mairéad de Róiste,,
Tom Hargreaves,,
Matt Thompson,,
Pratik Mishra,,
Lesley Head,,
Amanda Rogers,,
Chris Gibson,,
Alan MacEachren,,
Ben Brenner,,
Matt Watson,,
Alan McConchie,,
Emil Ehnström,,
Michel Stuyts,,
Nicholas Duggan,,
Monica Stephens,,
Morgan Crowley,,
Kaitlyn Perham,,
Adam Ramadan,,
Greg Fiske,,
Steven J Gibbons,,
Anthony Robinson,,
Emma Power,,
Álvaro Sevilla-Buitrago,,
Jess McLean,,
Alison Young,,
Mike Hall,,
Sandra Jasper,,
Michele Acuto,,
Kris Olds,,
Friederike Hartz,,
Jamie Furlong,,
Deb Dixon,,
Emily Constantine Mercurio,,
Geoff Boeing,,
Tess Osborne,,
Michael L. Dorn,,
Francis Markham,,
Amelia Hine,,
Deirdre Conlon,,
Danny McNally,,
Eric J. Fielding,,
Albert Arias,,
Courtney Babb,,
Karl Grossner,,
Gaëlle Sutton,,
Alessia Calafiore,,
Laurent Gayme,,
Frédéric Cantat,,
Mary Gilmartin,,
David Tulloch,,
Justin Cole,,
Dante Di Matteo,,
Sarah Davies,,
Owen Callahan,,
Alex Baker,,
Marc Bosch,,
Christian Lamker,,
Josh Mullenite,,
Reuben Rose-Redwood,,
Farhana Sultana,,
Ramon Ribera Fumaz,,
Kelly Stanford,,
Melissa Lucash,,
Jen Owen,,
Rich Quodomine,,
Randal Hale, ,
Stefan Ouma,,
Sue Jackson,,
Luyu Liu,,
Phillip O’Neill,,
Huyen Le,,
Maleea Acker,,
Nicolas Lambert,,
David Bissell,,
Casey Lynch,,
Christian Sommer,,
Allegra LeGrande,,
Nicolas Lambert,,
Emily T Murray,,
Mark James de Socio,,
Luiza Bialasiewicz,,
Andreas Schulze Bäing,,
Andy Karvonen,,
Stephen Flood,,
Becky Alexis-Martin,,
Olivier Ejderyan,,
Renee Pieschke,,
Markus Hesse,,
Justin Coles,,
Niloufar Vadiati,,
Kate Maclean,,
Heike Mayer,,
Maartje Roelofsen,,
Alistair M.S. Smith,,
Dean Phelan,,
Duncan Smith,,
Miles Reed,,
Trivik Verma,,
Wojciech Keblowski,,
Giovanni Bettini,,
Merlin Gillard,,
Pauline Couper,,
Niklas Jordan,,
JP Jones,,
Mike Dolbow,,,
David Storey,,
Mary Henry,,
Sophie Bodek,,
Tabea Bork-Hüffer,,
Tom Russell,,
Karen Till,,
Amruth Kiran,,
Diaz Garayua,,
Vicky Veritas,,
Joshua Mullenite,,
Ming Li Yong,,
Anders Riel,,
Andrew Zitcer,,
Amandine Bourg,,
Harvey Miller,,

Felipe Magalhães,,
Tatiana López,,
Boris Michel,,
Muki Haklay,,
Nico Palacios,,
Martin Rutzinger,,
Ilaria Vanni,,
Avery Rose,,
Shaun Huston,,
Filippo Menga,,
Valentina Carraro,,
Miriam Matthiessen,,
Ali Browne,,
Tim Cresswell,,

Jelke Bosma,,
Sebastian Losacker,,
Bob Payne,,
Scott Kirsch,,

I’ll keep adding to this list for a while.

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