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New paper: Big data and official statistics

A new paper by Rob Kitchin – Big data and official statistics: Opportunities, challenges and risks – has been published on SSRN as Programmable City Working Paper 9.  The abstract runs thus:

The development of big data is set to be a significant disruptive innovation in the production of official statistics offering a range of opportunities, challenges and risks to the work of national statistical institutions (NSIs).  This paper provides a synoptic overview of these issues in detail, mapping out the various pros and cons of big data for producing official statistics, examining the work to date by NSIs in formulating a strategic and operational response to big data, and plotting some suggestions with respect to on-going change management needed to address the use of big data for official statistics.

The argument is pretty much distilled into this table:big data and official statistics

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The Impact of the Data Revolution on Official Statistics: Opportunities, Challenges and Risks

NTTS 2015This morning Rob Kitchin presented a keynote talk at the New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics conference in Brussels.  The presentation examined the potential impact of the unfolding data revolution – big data, open and linked data, data infrastructures, and new data analytics – on the production of official statistics and the work of national statistical institutions.  The slides that accompanied the talk are below.