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Putting public data to work and putting the I back in IT

The Silicon Republic is “Ireland’s No 1 resource for technology news”.  Along with delivering the news about technology innovation in Ireland they orchestrate fantastic industry events to amplify emerging discussions of importance with the irish indigenous and foreign technology sectors.  Tracey P. Lauriault has attended three of their events to date, and participated in their latest, the Irish Data Forum.  Their events feature a cross section of industry, academic and public sector experts to discuss trends, issues and innovations. The discussions are frank and audience participation is skillfully moderated by Ann O’Dea CEO, Editor-at-large of the paper.

The Irish Data Forum Putting “I” back in “IT” discussed cloud, big data, data analytics, open data, data science and public data.  It also examined the data revolution and how Ireland can be at its heart.

Below is a selection of media from the event.

Panel 2 Part 1 Video

Panel 2 Part 2 Video