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Launch Videos: Introduction – Rob Kitchin, PI Programmable City Project, NIRSA, NUIM

Rob provides an overview of The Programmable City project in this launch video, which includes the ideas underpinning the research and the prospective case studies.  Here are links to the slides the complete program.

Programmable City Launch Presentations

Below are the Programmable City Project Launch Presentations.  The presentations are much more dynamic as some are animated while others include videos, but alas, sharing makes them a little static.  The videos will soon be available, and watching them live will provide you with more of a sense of what the talks were about. Here is the full program.

Introduction: The Programmable City Project

  • Rob Kitchin, PI Programmable City Project, NIRSA, NUIM

Session 1: Software and cities

  • Matt Wilson (Harvard), Quantified Self-City-Nation

  • Martin Dodge (Department of Geography, University of Manchester), Code and Conveniences

Session 2: Data and cities

  • Tim Reardon (Assistant Director of Data Services, MAPC, Boston), Putting Data to Work in Metro Boston

  • Tracey P. Lauriault (Programmable City team), A genealogy of open data assemblages

Session 3: Smart Cities

  • Siobhan Clarke (Trinity College Dublin), ICT-Enabled Behavioural Change in Smart Cities

  • Adam Greenfield (London School of Economics), Another city is possible: Networked urbanism from above and below? Visit Adam’s Website UrbanScale

Session 4: Programmable City PhD/Postdoc projects & Gavin McArdle – Dublin City Dashboard Demo

  • Robert Bradshaw, Smart Bikeshare
  • Dr Sophia Maalsen, How are discourses and practices of city governance translated into code?
  • Jim Merricks White, Towards a Digital Urban Commons:Developing a situated computing praxis for a more direct democracy
  • Alan Moore, The Role of Dublin in the Global Innovation Network of Cloud Computing
  • Dr Leighton Evans, How does software alter the forms and nature of work?
  • Darach Mac Donncha, ‘How software is discursively produced and legitimised by vested interests’
  • Dr Sung-Yueh Perng, Programming Urban Lives
  • Dr Gavin McArdle, NCG, NIRSA, NUIM, Dublin Dashboard Performance Indicators & Metrics

Slides for "Urban indicators, city benchmarking, and real-time dashboards" talk

The Programmable City team delivered four papers at the Conference of the Association of American Geographers held in Tampa, April 8-12.  Here are the slides for Kitchin, R., Lauriault, T. and McArdle, G. (2014). “Urban indicators, city benchmarking, and real-time dashboards: Knowing and governing cities through open and big data” delivered in the session “Thinking the ‘smart city’: power, politics and networked urbanism II” organized by Taylor Shelton and Alan Wiig.  The paper is a work in progress and was the first attempt at presenting work that is presently being written up for submission to a journal.  No doubt it’ll evolve over time, but the central argument should hold.